In a Referendum, Sweden Resoundingly Reject the Euro

European leaders interpreted the outcome as a signal that they had not swung Swedish opinion behind the broad project to transform Europe into a more cohesive and integrated force. ”This was a result worse than I expected,” Romano Prodi, the head of the European Commission, told Swedish television tonight. ”It was about more than the euro. The euro is a symbol of more integration. This was a moment of prudence, not integration. We have to meditate how to explain better what we are doing.”

With ballots tallied from all 5,976 voting districts, the anti-euro campaigners secured victory with 56.1 percent of the no votes to 41.8 percent for accepting the euro. The result suggested that Swedes had not been swayed by the killing of the fervently pro-euro Ms. Lindh and had avoided a sympathy vote in favor of the single currency.

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