In a Referendum, Sweden Resoundingly Reject the Euro

Experts had always calculated that a ”no” vote in Sweden would strengthen anti-euro sentiment in Denmark and Britain, delaying efforts in those two countries to hold referendums of their own, and therefore depriving the currency of broader economic and political backing.

Denmark rejected adoption of the euro in a referendum three years ago and its leaders had been monitoring the vote here for any indication of pro-euro enthusiasm that might encourage them to hold a fresh euro ballot in their own country. The margin of the vote seemed certain to disappoint them.

Britain has yet to decide when to hold a vote among its people and, with Prime Minister Tony Blair embroiled in political turmoil after the war in Iraq, experts in Britain have suggested that there is little likelihood of a major government initiative to swing a euroskeptic nation behind the euro. The Swedish government had said it would not hold another vote on joining the euro for 10 years.

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